Keys not being counted while running a specific program.

I am running Pcsx2, a PS2 emulator. You know that little red dot that pops up on the Whatpulse logo every time you hit a key (pardon my improper terminology)? That is always “on” when I have a game running (not in full screen) and goes away when I open up another window. Thus, no keys I hit while in-game count. And since I am using the keyboard to play (works surprisingly well, actually) it would add a welcomed boost to my keystoke count.

And before people start complaining, I am doing this totally legally so far. I dumped the bios from a PS2 I own, and all the game I have tested to far are either owned by me or borrowed from a family member.

I am sure the issue it with the program, and not whatpulse. However, I am not really sure how to ask if it can be fixed on the other forums, since people are so skeptical of whatpusle and the conversation would just end up going off course.

If it can be fixed on this end, please tell me how.
If it has to be fixed on the other end, can you help me ask for the help without explaining in detail what whatpulse is?

Thank you for your time.

Wich Operating System do you use?

Windows Vista
And I am running the latest version of Whatpulse.

And I am sure it isn’t the “high CPU usage problem”, as most of the time it hovers at around 50%-70%.