Keyboard/Click-Count differs from website

When I was updating from 1.7 to 2.x I encountered a problem with the stats. The overall counter of the mainwindow doesn’t match that from the website!
On the website I have got about 6.000.000 keyboard-hits, in the overview window at All-Time it totally differs and started counting @ zero

Every time I want so see my real stats, I have to visit the homepage… Is there another way?


The main window of the program shows your stats for that machine since your full last login. This is the intended usage. For all-time stats, you have to look at the website - the website keeps everything up to date in real time.

If the program kept everything up to date, imagine you had another pulse from another computer.

  • The program on your machine you are currently at would be out of date
  • AND in order to correct that it would have to poll the database every few seconds to find any updates.

This would cause a lot of undue stress on the server. Hence why global stats are to be found on the website.

Your accounts total statistics are in the Account tab. The rest is computer specific.