KB and mouse input loss while playing games

i frequently get a loss of input when playing games such as warcraft 3, mass effect and dragon age but pretty much any game. usually when im pressing WASD keys to move around the input locks up and just keeps moving in the direction for several seconds before my keyboard regains control. and sometimes when i rotate my view while holding down the right mouse button the mouse locks up and wont respond but the view stops rotating.also if i drag the left mouse button to make selections or click on anything. ive found that these issues all disappear if i exit whatpulse even without restarting the game.

this also happens in online flash games i play in firefox like the ones in facebook.

im running the latest version of WP( in windows xp x86 sp3 in an admin account.

id appreciate any help i can get because it sucks that i cant count my inputs when in games. thats like two thirds of the time im using my computer :slight_smile:

i take it this problem is only happening to me :frowning:

Appears your thread got lost in the mass of threads that we receive. I apologize if I do this wrong, but if memory serves me right, there is a NoLag edition of the WhatPulse executable in (Letter):/Program Files/WhatPulse. Try running that edition, and see if it fixes your issues. I’m also assuming you’re running version 1.6 or prior.

If that doesn’t fix your issues, or it isn’t there, just reply and we’ll go from there.