Just Joined

Hey you guys. I just saw a Vsauce video and decided hey lets give this a try. I guess I just want to see how much of a nerd I am. No just kidding.:smiley:

Welcome to Whatpulse :slight_smile:

Welcome to the program :3

waves :smiley:

Welcome to WhatPulse.

Welcome! :smiley:


Welcome! :slight_smile: :smiley:

HAHA! i also just joined and that’s the exact same thing i did! :smiley:


Welcome MadCambo. Glad to see that video is still going strong.

Hi! Me too :slight_smile:


hi, welcome to whatpulse!.. btw., not 100% sure, but i think users are supposed to make their own ‘introduction’ thread here & not post in an existing one?..:slight_smile:

Welcome to this fun little community