Invalid Token

If I wanne pulse he gives an ERROR:

Invalid token

What is the problem?

(i’m sorry for my bad english)

I don’t know the real problem but I know you can’t pulse the keys you have now and that you need to request a new token. Right-Click on the “W” and than click “Request new token”

no problem anymore… i have click on Request new token,

its works now but my 3000 keys are gone…

thanks pimorez!

No problem, your welcome :wink:

But well, 3000 keys isn’t much, I think you got that at least 3 times a day :wink:

Just as a side-note, are you pulsing from more than one computer? If so, make sure each has a separate pulse profile.

i got same error but with 300k keys is there realy no other option couse if this f#'s up again im not gonna use what pulse any more

last time lost 3xx k due to stupidity
so this would b the last time

There is no option to pulse those keys… Sorry :’( Another lost GoT member :frowning: Blijf gewoon en zet op autopulse :wink: Stay and put it on autopulse :wink: Then you won’t lose that much keys :wink:

But was X-Kal said, you use diffrent pulse profiles on each desktop/laptop?

Yeah i left got and im now with fok
couse Got is becomming a forum for idiots who only know words like utfs rtfm and stuff like that, normal people cant ask antything there any more

back on topic
but if there is no posibility to recover these keys (i did nothing wrong and the client still works fine only it does not pulse)
im realy gonna quit wpulse i mean thats gonna mean i lost over 600k in keys last month …
i mean i did not join so i could lose keys and stuff

im sure its a bug in the 1.5 version
this client was a new install from when i installed vista (like 1 month ago)
and its 2cnd time that it happens …

utfs? rtfm? What’s that? :o

But yeah, I never got it, my friend does and now got it 2 times as well… But he had it because he used 1.4.7 and didn’t had pulse profiles so he wanted to pulse on the pc he didn’t used for a while but he got a invalid token… 2 times now :S But there is nothing you can do about it. Sorry :frowning: