install WP without root on linux

Hey all,

I have installed WP on a linux (Fedora 20) machine, but I dont have root rights, so I cant setup the permissions. Now it only keeps track of my online time, and network statistics. Of course I want to keep track of my keys and clicks, but that doesnt work.
When I google I come across with a fixed file, but it isnt there anymore. Can I grab it from somewhere else, or is there another option?

Thanks in advance!

The current download contains the script to fix the permissions, but you will need root (or sudo) access to run it. There’s no way around it, as Linux protects the input devices that WhatPulse needs to be able to read to get keys/clicks.

That sucks balls :frowning:

Windows is kind of the exception that it allows this kind of probing by default without an admin approval…most OSes need some kind of modification.

Why don’t you have root access yourself? Can’t you ask the root guy to run the install script?

Its the university, so they are not very snappy to do things like that, I suppose.

But another error I came across: my download/upload isn’t synchronized, but it is tracked in the WP app. I download and upload a shitload on this linux computer, so I was very happy I saw it was tracked by the app. But now I look at my pulses and there is completely no download/upload. The button ‘Enable network statistics’ is checked. Why is that?

That comes back to your root access issue. Have a look at the KB:

It should also display a warning on the network tab (where the facts should be), about the missing of libpcap.

It’s fairly simple; without all the prerequisites on Linux in place, input and network are broken.

Ahh, thanks. Too bad, I hoped I could pulse something usefull from the computer I am almost 24/7 at.