im really confused

i just installed whatpulse, and i can seem to get it started, ive browsed the forums and it always talks about right clicking the tray icon and clicking “pulse now” but when i right click i dont see anything of that sorts, nor do i see a settings, or preferences option, am i clicking on the wrong thing? if so, where can i find this mythical “tray icon”?

thank you in advance

The tray Icon looks exactly like the website icon on your browser.

if you cant see it, Ill try to describe it:

it a grey W with a light grey background :stuck_out_tongue:

If you cant see it, make sure you instaled WhatPulse properly.

Kill whatpulse.exe from the Task Manager, start it again, and do the right click thing on the W icon. The problem you described happens to me sometimes, but after that, it works. (Or after an automatic pulse, if it’s set up.)

i did what you said, but i still have yet to see the options which i need, if it helps, i have never been able to pulse. all of my stats are still at zero. when i rightclick i dont see any of the options others talk about on the forum


  1. Which version of WhatPulse are you using?
  2. Which version of Windows?
  3. Were there any error messages at all – or is it just sorta silently doing nothing? (I.e. you right-click on the icon and nothing happens? That’s what it sounds like from here.)

One possible course of action might be to entirely reinstall WhatPulse. But the catch would be that you’d want to uninstall, then delete the Whatpulse folder entirely, and then reinstall it – that way, nothing’s left over from the previous installation of Whatpulse to interfere with things. That might work.

By the way… this is what you should be seeing when you right-click the tray icon: