I'm back!

After eleven months of living at school (Job Corps) with virtually no access to the Internet. Thus, no Whatpulse.

I’ve fallen so far behind! D :

So… what’s been up with you fine, fine folks?

Welcome back. You have a lot of catching up to do. :slight_smile:
New versions of the client are great compared to a year ago. The core is still here though, as well as members such as myself. Good luck climbing back up the ranks!

Thank you very much for the welcome, SearchBuzz.

I’m probably going to ditch my -now dead- family team and look for another one soon. I’ll have to put some thought into it.

Welcome back, I’ve missed your comments! :wink:

What were doing doing at JC, nothing IT-related?

I originally went there for their CST program (Computer Service Technician) but shortly realized I already knew everything their program taught.

After bumping around for a while I ended up in Plastering, which is more or less learning how to put mud on walls. If all goes well I will be employed as a construction worker by a company in Portland by the end of this week.

Why do you specifically ask if I went for an IT program?

Mostly because of the lack of internet/WhatPulse. :wink:

Going from a technician to construction is a pretty step, no technical work around?

I don’t understand what you mean by techical work around.

Though, I really don’t feel I want to do anything computer related for a living. I love working with computers and pretending I know what I am doing when I take them apart and rebuild them. (I don’t) Then the reward that I get when everything finally works out and I have a fixed computer.

I feel like if I did that for a living, I’d lose it as a fun hobby.

Besides, I’ll make more money as a construction worker which will allow me to buy more computer stuff. : D

Computing is my living, both professionally, socially and as a hobby. If it is your passion, it never gets boring even if you end up typing all day at your job.

I’m confused, why not count w/WhatPulse anyway; while being offline? :-0

^ That and welcome back!..:wink: :slight_smile: