Ignored programs still show up in Application Heatmaps


I love the addition of being able to see keyboard heatmaps by application, that has been something I’ve wanted since I first started using this program. Today I noticed that the Whatpulse icon was blinking for keyboard activity while I was typing in my password in an encryption program I use. I set this program on the ignore list since the 2.6 beta so that nobody can come and see what combination of keys I use for my password and try to guess it (not likely but what’s the point in hiding something just to give clues?). When I checked the application list the program didn’t show up as is expected, but when I checked the key heatmap all of my keys that I had just typed in showed up clearly for today. This seems to make the whole point of ignoring a program useless because if all I am blocking is from people seeing the number of keys and clicks, which they would see on the keyboard heatmap anyways. Would it be possible for you to change Whatpulse to make it properly ignore programs so that they don’t show up in the application heatmaps?

Hi Drake,

Thanks for reporting this, as it is a bug. The application ignore list ignores inbound global keys for that application, as it always did. The heat map counting simply does not have that check, which is an oversight.

Will be fixed in an upcoming version!

Hey uh, Sorry to necro this post but it’s been over 5 years and the mouse heatmap still doesn’t ignore applications that are set to ignore…