I love my new Wakoopa ^^
THX to all devs and contributors to get this working.

Some more ideas which could possible implemented:
[]RSS Feed which new used software bei followings
]On App Page, show own usage and rank (e.g. on top) if not in top10 and even if apps usage isn’t public
[]Show user and ranking of followed users (or friends) (if the use the software)
]OR: showing summery in application info (own rank, own version, own usage time etc) (where avg/absolute time shown
[]Categories (or Tags) and description for software (could be community driven)
]Advanced stats for teams (e.g. software usage)
[]Search for software (not only users, teams and countries)
]Import Wakoopa data
[]Similar Software/Recommendations
]Merge different versions of an software which are detected as different softwares.
[]Extend API for providing Application data (e.g. to create own statistics)
]Down/Upload of Applications (at all/avg)
[*]Update reminder for new app versions

Hehe, It’s very true it does indeed remind me of Wakoopa, something which I used a lot until they decided to close it, but then they had to refocus their company on where the big money was, and that was selling our data that we’d given them for years.

Your ideas sound good, and remind me more of Wakoopa, descriptions and tags for software is a great one because on a project where everyone likes typing, more people are likely to get involved and actually write a description for the programs. They could then go into an approval process and be moderated by various members, or staff could recieve an email notification letting them know about the change made. I’d be happy to moderate some of these. We could even expand and have the descriptions added in different languages.

The more content that is added to the whatpulse site, the more people will visit it, so expanding into these areas is great as they increase the scalability of the site and not just the client that is being downloaded onto users’ computers.

Good idea… possible the review process could be some more dynamic, e.g. top user should review, only users with 1h (or something else) can write an description or tag etc

Hey Megachip,

Some good ideas, some of which we’ve already taken into consideration. Just watch out for things that come in the future.

Another thing that was great about Wakoopa was the ability to discover new and relevant software. When you saw the stats for something you use, it would show you other similar ranking software within the same category and you would always stumble across something really cool and useful. It would be great to be able to do that through WhatPulse applications.

As newton said, good stuff and stay tuned! :smiley: Keep the ideas comin

Cant wait :wink:

Is there any possibility for merge/split requests… or shall we wait for that community feature?

Right now, wait.


I personally think a split/merge feature should get high priority. The data get messed up more from day to day. As later as this feature is integrated as more work has to do :confused:

I’m still thinking that ^^

If you do not provide such functionality to community, provide a thread, where users can post merge and spit requests. Please


Anything new? There are stats which based on this junked data :frowning:

Application stuff is pretty high on the todo list, but it’s a pretty long list and we’re still operating on a side-project base. I do believe it’s going to get some time this year though. The idea is to communitize the applications where users can complete application profiles and do some moderation if needed, but it’s not set into stone just yet. A lot of your ideas are solid.