I forgot my username :F

So I booted my PC today and it gave me a message about whatpulse.wpw being generated on a different PC. Odd, but okay. The main issue is that it requested I login again, however I seem to have forgotten my username and the website doesn’t have a feature to find that out.

I searched my email, but all I have are mails from the whatpulse mailing list.

Is there any way to help me? :slight_smile:

ufind Jizzy
Jizzy (ID: 181440 @ 636,415 / 257,583)
Jizzy: [tkc / tmc / rank: 636,415 / 257,583 / 68957th] [klp / mclp: 14,952 / 4,546] [lp: 2006-07-30 21:46:57] [avkps: 0.05] [dj: 2006-03-08] [Country: Canada]

There’s that user, but his last activity seems to be from 2006, kinda doubt that it would be you. lol Century0, or another admin, should be able to search users by their email, or IPs, so they should be able to dig you up. But that’s just me assuming they have something like that. :x

Unfortunately, only wasted can give you information pertaining to that. We have no way to search for email addresses.