I can see my stats but other people cant?

In the software well i have my stats but if i go to my stats on this website it shows i only clicked 1 with whatpulse and i actually all time i clicked 11,000 clicks Please help!
i have now 12,000 clicks and even though it dont appear the real stats
Actually the stats up are correct but the down one are all incorrect

Think you’re confusing keys with clicks or something. Pulsing will make your stats transfer from your client to the website. Read this: http://whatpulse.org/kb/content/2/8/en/what-is-pulsing.html

Also how i make that stats showing?

now i buyed premium


Thanks for your subscription, but you will still need to pulse in order for your stats to show up on the website.

The synchronisation with the website and the software client is not ‘instant’ - you send your accumulated stats in timed intervals (these are called ‘pulses’). You can do that by pressing the ‘Pulse’ button, or setting up auto pulsing in the settings.