How to log into your account using a proxy?

How to log into your account using a proxy?
To the settings tab is not active.

Yes I want to do that too but didn’t find a way to do that yet

Unsure what you are trying or which OS you are running, but I can easilt edit/save the proxy and connect as well.

What is that ugly screenshot?!?? o_0

He’s talking about setting a proxy when registering. The settings tab is disabled when you’re logging in, so you can’t configure the proxy.

That’s why; the settings tab will be enabled when logging in soon.

@smitmartijn: thanks for clearing that up; I didn’t try that the first time :slight_smile:

@nimd4: if you wanna be smart, solve issues yourself mate. I got both Windows and Linux servers and making good money professionally from them.

No need to give me lip, I just added +1 reputation to one of your posts a little while ago. It’s called jokes. :wink:

thanks, I will wait for a new version