How many of you smash on your keyboards?

I was at my friend’s house -who also uses Whatpulse- and found out in part why he has always gotten to many more keys than me. I walk into his room and he is just hammering on random keys as fast as he can.

He apparently does this for about half an hour each day to keep his keys up.

While I know this isn’t cheating - it feels like cheating to me.

I am curious how many others do this same things, and on how others feel about the legitimacy of it.

I don’t feel that it’s illegitimate, as long as the keys were technically typed by your own two hands. However, I think it’s pretty dumb to waste time bashing keys for a half hour a day. It really defeats the purpose of the WhatPulse program. (Plus, that’s got to hurt your hands, too!)

Personally, if I’m in a competition and I want to boost my key-count, I just do something constructive with my time, such as playing a video game or writing. That makes my stats more useful as well.

I too have found myself doing this from time to time but mosly want i want more number i play games that force these actions … like diablo 3 if i want to rack up clicks or if i want a lot of keys i will play star craft 2 … both of them help me rack up some good numbers =)

LOL is about all I can say. an hour and a half a day ?! :o And I thought -I- had time on my hands. God bless 'em nods

He’ll get bored one of these days i’m sure :wink:

Well, only half an hour…

I dunno, he’s been keeping it up for a little over a year now.

When your (friend) gets older and gets a job,perhaps they will not spend their free time randomly typing keys.

While we don’t consider this cheating, I personally feel like this is a illegitimate way to gain keys.

When you’re typing code, writing a post on a forum, or playing a game, you’re at least hitting keys for good reason.

When you’re sitting around mashing keys on your keyboard just to have more keys then people in your team, it starts to become a less interesting. I guess competition aspect of that is the fatal flaw there. People want to be number one.

And with the new addition of application tracking in WhatPulse, and our application statistics, I feel like things like this will loose a lot of legitimacy if people are mashing keys in various programs.

I just see this as an unhealthy love of WhatPulse. It’s no worse than hammering out your thoughts that nobody cares about on Twitter every 2 minutes. Ultimately he’s helping his team, but he’s cheating himself because his stats don’t give him a true picture of how much he really types.

I only hammer the keys and mouse buttons when I really mean it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I’m about to turn off my computer at night and I have 500-600 keys I will start smashing my keyboard until it pulses at 1000 keys. I don’t know why, I just want those last keys.

They most definitely have a term for this, OCD/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder :wink: Don’t worry though, think the vast majority of us have it nods

want to waste some time while playing a move and get some clicks … what i have been doing lately

No, it just doesn’t feel natural unless I’m doing something which involves doing that, which isn’t that often.

If I ever feel the need for some extra keys I just play any kind of mania/rhythm game…

You can always tell your friend, if he wants to increase his key count, he can go practice his touch typing online. This is productive-ish, it will help you type faster and increase your key count.

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I guess that since I’m not the one necroposting, it’s fair game for me to reply.

There have been a few days I wished to make it to a particular number and have gamed my keypresses to match, though my day with the most keypresses (165,000) was only supplemented by a couple thousand of cheat-mashing presses.

Amusing to suddenly see this thread get replies in my inbox after years of not being on the forum. I no longer see this as any kind of slight towards Whatpulse. He was putting forward the energy and time to get the keys so he earned them. I don’t remember making this post specifically but I find it amusing that I’d ever care.

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