How do VPNs affect WP?

Does anyone know if running a VPN affects the reliability of network statistics? I am currently using Nord.

Using VPNs will sometimes cause the Bandwidth Per Country to be skewed toward whatever country the VPN server is located in rather than the origin of the data, but it’s still technically accurate nonetheless (and a good sign that your VPN is working as intended)

Also, you might see some extra bandwidth overhead if your VPN uses a virtual TAP adapter (ProtonVPN seems to add an extra 10-30% depending on the type of data being counted).

The only real “gotcha” is that VPNs can definitely cause inaccuracies in Bandwidth Per Application measurement (especially OpenVPN-based ones that rely on UDP)

Thanks for the info! To your knowledge is this extra 10-30% due to inaccuracy or bandwidth inefficiency?