How do people download TB's of data?

Does anybody know how some of the people on the leader boards upload and download hundreds of terabytes of data. What do they download and upload? And what kind of connection speed do they have?

Could be servers, although admin has said this is against the rules.

Or could just be seeding/downloading torrents. Endless Netflix super HD sessions. It all adds up over time.

If I downloaded my Steam library, I’d need a very big hard drive.

This is one way, and it’s totally legal. Video takes a lot of bandwidth and I am constantly on Skype. I have 80Mbps/80Mbps, but the skype stream only uploads at around 600KB/sec constantly.

I’ve found it’s easier to upload - my HDD getting crazy when guys from all over the world (e.g. via Kickass Torrents) starting to download files from my PC. Of course, with much help from ISP’s 100Mbit :wink:

A simple rule - download once from 1 site, upload more to many sites. That really can help those with ADSL who cannot handle much upload and surely very positive to WP bandwith stats.


I’ve found my WP (since 2.6 I suppose) counts a significal less amounts of upload (almost 10 times of a real value) - I believe it was for a long time leaving me without a lot of terabytes in stats )

I’m sorry I haven’t got more time to complete a bug report, seems like switching OFF ‘run as admin’ feature resolved this issue… I will watch closer to the network tab of WP in a few days to finalize this experiment

it seems now I can reach those servers on the stat’s top with a single torrent client

I chug through 20-80 gb DL and ~15 UL per day just from torrenting seasonal anime.

It is interesting to think about the idea that the amount downloaded by the people on the top of that list will soon be what we download on steam for a single game. Give it five years. xD

Anime torrents for the uploads, along with some streaming. The download for me lately has been watching twitch streams. I’ve somehow grown “bored” of my music while playing games and prefer to have a twitch stream going on the second monitor and in most cases I’d have two or three open and hop between them. I have found that just have 2-3 streams open for most of the day can easily use 60-70GiB. Also as a test one time I let my now dead laptop chill all day while running a 4K 60FPS youtube video on repeat, I think I got somewhere around 300GiB in however long it was running before flash crashed on me. Kind of a stupid thing to do, but it is a way to pad those stats.

I like to seed, to seed I have to download first :slight_smile:


not TB’s