How do I uninstall from OSX?

The title says it all:

How do I uninstall WhatPulse from OSX?


Simply delete, as any other app on OS X.

Thanks for the reply. When I try doing that, nothing happens. Is there a background process I need to kill or something?

Nothing happens? As in, OS X does not delete the file? Exit the client before you try to delete it, I guess.

Right. I drag the icon from the applications menu to the trash (the same way I’d delete another app) and nothing happens. The icon stays there, I can still launch it, etc. I did exit the client first. Any other guesses?

I’ve seen this happen with other OSX apps before. You need to open your applications folder in Finder, then press cmd+backspace while the Whatpulse app is selected, then empty the trash.

Hope this helps.

That did the trick, thanks!