Hey everyone! Check out the WhatPulse YouTube channel!


Everyone NEEDS to join the NEW WhatPulse Youtube channel !@# :o

Content will be added/tweaked with on a regular basis, contributions/suggestions/ideas are more than welcome!!

I think a couple people are editing videos NOW actually ;o)

GO Subscribe @ http://youtube.com/officialwhatpulse

Any suggestions/ideas/contributions you can mail: youtube@whatpulse.org

The idea of the channel is explained IN Jaume’s first video there, and will be expanded upon in the future!!

See you there !@# :smiley:

Thanks for sharing:)

verrryyyy interesting :open_mouth:


Subscribed, I hope you will make video about features in WhatPulse 2.0
Should bring more people to using it

He did… it’s ugh about how to install it

Hey, wait a minute? no update news about 2.0 on the channel?