I seriously don’t know what’s happening.
I’ve used this program once a couple months ago and I started to get spammed with emails from WhatPulse.
I’ve tried removing all notifications to my email… but every couple minutes I keep getting spammed.

Can I please get some freaking help?

ME TOO! It has sent me 30. One every minute for the last half hour. Doesn’t show any sign of stopping, even though I turned off notification settings. It is getting on my damn nerves.

I’m glad I’m not the only one.
I’m also having difficulty getting onto the whatpulse website where it’s extremely slow and won’t load.

I seriously hope this stops REAL soon.
Any mods? Or anyone that can stop this or at least explain what’s going on??

Same here, 58 emails so far :frowning:

EDIT: 135

Yea. I just gave up. I put whatpulse’s email under spam and makes it automatically send all emails from them to the trash.

I suggest you guys do the same lol

I’m afraid there was a problem with our email provider and registering sent emails…they were not registered as sent and the system tried again.

It has just been stopped, many apologies. :frowning: