As you may have no doubt noticed by now, I have made my presence known here on the forums. So, allow me to introduce myself:

My tag is WOWVern, for the fact that I play World of Warcraft, but in reality my name is Vernon. I found out about WP in its relatively early days, but didn’t install it until 2005. I have been around the block, using my varied talents to do forum work on various games, fan fiction and other interests and hobbies of mine for over a decade.

I am somewhat of a computer geek, having literally grown up around them. However, my degree is in Geography (looong story). My passion is gaming, though.

I hope to provide some insight into whatever problems caused by this wonderful tracking program. My answers will be based on observation of the forums and my own knowledge of the technical side of the application (network issues, bugs that I encounter myself, etc.). Hopefully the insight I provide will make sense.

I look forward to working with you, the WP community,

Vernon McFadden

Welcome to the forums.

You will pick up a lot of keystrokes quickly from WoW.