Hello! Everyone.

I have been using this software from past month and so far it looks interesting. The only thing i am confused about is how to create different profile for different devices since i use two mech keyboards on my computer. Blue switches for work and Brown Gateron switches for gaming. So it would be awesome to see stats for both the keyboards separately. Any idea guys?


Welcome! It’s not a feature to create different keyboard profiles on 1 computer. You could create multiple computer profiles; pulse, log out and log back into a different computer profile when you switch keyboards.

Typically, your keyboard usage doesn’t change much on the same types of keyboards, which is why there’s no keyboard profile. Between apps (excel vs a game), sure, and that’s why you can filter the heat map based on the application. Would that work for you?

Thanks for the response. For now i have created two profiles. But it will be awesome to change profiles in the client itself. Like in our house my dad, my brother and myself uses a single pc for different purposes. As i said, since i use different gear for gaming, i would like to see the stats of my gaming mouse and keyboard in different profile, so it doesn’t get mixed up with another keyboard and mice. Right now it is quite confusing doing this and would prefer to do this in client itself.

Are you guys using the same account on this PC or separate ones? I can’t test it quickly, but I’m pretty sure different WhatPulse logins should be associated with different accounts, so you can be logged into a different profile than your brother on the same physical machine and this should be a pretty seamless solution.