Guess why my heatmap looks like this!

This is my mouse heatmap for the last month. Any guesses as to what makes this shape? :smiley:

I’ll give out hints if you can’t guess it, but I bet someone can.

By repeatedly clicking those specific parts on your screen.

But seriously, I have nothing. The part to the right I would guess is a scroll bar, but I’m not putting it together.

ZBrush, maybe?

It looks like you’ve been scrolling down a long web page to vote for your favourite pop star or something over and over again in some competition. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the guesses! But no… Here’s a hint, and if you’re familiar with it, it might give it away: it’s a browser-based game.

Cookie Clicker?


I’m a little ashamed…

Nothing to be ashamed about. :stuck_out_tongue:

I left that game going for so long trying to get all the heavenly chips i can >.>

I thought Cookie Clicker was for Mobile only?

Nope, The original is here:

Any better heatmap for multiple monitor ?

I like to see that.