My name is Taylor, and I am a research assistant, graduate student, and teaching assistant.

My field of research is neuroscience, specifically focusing on sustained attention. I use theta burst stimulation to influence neural networks non-invasively.

As a teaching assistant, I teach statistics for the behavioral sciences (social sciences).

As a student, I study Clinical Psychology.

With all this involvement with academia, I was seeking for a platform to measure my usage of the computer.

On my smartphone, I use aTimeLogger - which is an amazing app that lets start the timer as you begin one endeavor, and stop the time as you complete it. At the end of the day, you can see which endeavor(s) you spent the most time on (e.g., studying, laundry, sleeping, etc).

I have just registered for WhatPulse - which I think is an extremely useful platform. My question is this: privacy.

I will admit to not having searched through the forums regarding this topic, but I did read that WhatPulse contains zero spyware. However, I would like to ask the audience for some feedback regarding just how secure WhatPulse is, with respect to sensitive information like credit card numbers, usernames and passwords to websites, etc.

While WhatPulse is providing us with a highly contextualized view of our computer usage, part of me feels a little concerned about just how much information could potentially be outsourced to the WhatPulse servers. I am sure that there are longstanding members who could attest to the safety of maintaining privacy, but if anybody could allay my concerns I would appreciate it.

Thanks so much.


Welcome to WhatPulse!

The simplest answer to your question is that WhatPulse logs the number of keys you press, and the number of times you press each key, NOT the order which they were pressed in. Things like passwords (or any string you type, really) are never sent to the WhatPulse servers, nor are they saved on your hard drive.

Long answer short: WhatPulse is a neat little stats tool, not a keylogger.

I hope this helps.

I can confirm many have scrutinized the app and found it has no elements which track like a keylogger, simply an amount for each stat, including web based stats if you have Win P Cap installed alongside the WhatPulse installation.