Gratz on 20 billion for UK

The UK has reached 20 Billion Keystrokes and is closing in fast on Poland who are currently in 4th Position. Lets keep it going guys and girls all over Britain and make it happen! :slight_smile:

Lol, c’mon UK! :stuck_out_tongue:

If they keep going at this rate, they should be able to gain 4th position in 2-3 months. Just gotta keep the pulses coming! :smiley:

w00t! come on UK!

Ive been monitoring the stats over the past couple weeks, but sadly it looks like Poland is pulsing a lot more than the UK at the moment. Cmon UK members, you gotta do better!

Wow, screw it. Poland are speeding ahead still and we dropped down to below 20 million again. I guess a bunch of old accounts got deleted or something. Freaking annoying.

Wow nice, i can’t believe poland is higher than us, we really need to catch them :smiley:

Also we dropped Keys! Crazy how deletion of accounts could change that, it should go on data of all UK pulses and this number can only be added to rather than a current total. (hence deleted accounts status for countries stil exsist)

But if old accounts aren’t deleted then the database will end up being cluttered with old entries :stuck_out_tongue: Plus we’d then be looking at fake stats in the countries ranking lol

Can’t we have Scotland / England / Wales

Just so theirs another thing the English can beat us at :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha well there are probably not many users in Scotland and Wales, or Ireland for that matter, but then looking at the countries in the lowest areas of the high scores, nor do they.

You gotta remember though, changing this will affect 7000 users as they will have to set their country again, and not many of them will be active enough to do that, so probably not a good idea to implement this.

Ah sure theirs a bigger population in England and Ireland but that doesn’t mean more people have heard of or use WP in those countries. The likelihood is probably true but theirs no definite answer to that one :slight_smile:

You probably guessed this was only a wee laugh. But they could easily add the other separate countries as options. Inactive people would remain as Brits and active people could then change. It wouldn’t affect anyone if they designed the database and normalised the data properly. Which I’m sure they did.

Yeh well UK is dropping down more and more each day now and its a shame to see it happening. I really thought we were gonna move up into 4th position, but I guess not, hehe. Ah well, I will keep on pulsing and maybe someday in the future when Poland lose a bunch of keystrokes from inactive members too or members who switch countries, as Jon mentioned if the countries are split up hehe. :stuck_out_tongue: