Getting Whatpulse back on taskbar

I accidentally deleted whatpulse off my taskbar, and I cant get it back on there. When I click the desktop icon, i get a “this program is already running” box. Any ideas?

On which operating system? Generally you should be able to manage your notifications by right clicking on the taskbar and selecting one of the options availalbe (I’m using Windows 7; on which I can select “Customize Notification Options”) - you should be then able to select whatpulse and set it to show.

If you google somthing along the lines of “Show/hide Notifications on [operating system]” you should be on the right tracks.

~ Chris

I use the latest version of Firefox. Ive set it to “show” yet it does not come up.

Hi, which operating system do you use? (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 98, ME, etc)


Haha, my mistake. I misread the last post. I use Vista.

I was wondering why Firefox/IE would matter:P

Did some googling and came up with the following link:

* Solutions provided are for XP but might be worth a look anyway

Select N and look for “Notification Area” there are a few possible solutions there?

Somone also sugested booting into safe mode to rebuild the icon cache before restarting the pc? No idea if that would work but hey worth a shot :wink:

I got it fixed now. All I had to do was turn my computer off and restart it. Hitting restart didnt work…but completely turning it off did. That resets the bar I guess.

I searched a whole lot for this answer, and nothing good came up. So im going to put a few keywrds in here so future people searching can find this thread.

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Now people can search and find:)

This topic made me lol. I would have said “reboot your PC” in the first post if I had seen this topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Restarting explorer.exe might also work.
Ctrl+alt+del, choose Processes tab and select explorer.exe and “End Process”
Switch tab to “Applications” and press “New Task…” type “explorer.exe” and hit OK.