Geek Window

I used to have the week window on my second monitor, a couple of weeks ago the monitor died. When I click “Spawn Geek Window” It doesn’t open, What i think is happening is its opening where it used to be on the second monitor, even though it isnt working, not plugged in and disabled. :confused:

Is there anyway to get back?

Well usually if a second screen is disabled, Windows moves everything back to the main screen… I’m stumped sorry :slight_smile:

I just plugged my monitor into my laptop as a second display, put the geek window on the second monitor then disabled it. It stayed there too. :confused:

looks like Ill have to try and borrow my dads monitor to get it back, Or wait till i get my new monitors…

Maybe WhatPulse uses specific co-ordinates to safe the GW positioning… Not sure how it works but it may just be Windows being, well, Windows.

Then again thinking about it, wouldn’t WhatPulse have to save that info to a file somewhere?

Bleh, I dunno. Would be nice to know, though… sorry I’m not being much help. :smiley:

Re-installing should work I guess! :wink:

deleting your whatpulse.wpw should do, but you will lose all keys and clicks that are not pulsing, and ofcourse all your other settings

and you have to login again

Reinstalled, Lost all my Key Frequencies, but at least i got it back :stuck_out_tongue:

Future reference, the key frequencies is saved on a separate file where you CAN overwrite the one on the client without worrying about triggering an anti-cheat response.

All you’d have to do is copy the file over somewhere before you remove whatpulse, then stick it back after WP is reinstalled.