Geek Window randomly Closing

Well, not really. Just disappearing. I right click the “W”, click “Open Geek Window” and nothing happens. It’s not on my screen at all, and doesn’t appear on reboot.

This has happened twice, and I don’t know why. It’s either something to do with Pressing Win+D, or changing screen resolution.

I’m running Windows XP, and the newest version of Whatpulse.

EDIT: I was right. I changed my screen res to a higher amounts, and I saw it in a corner. Looks like changing the resolution doesn’t put the Geek Window back to it’s normal position, and keeps it off of the monitor, completely inaccessible.

is there a way to get it back, because it went MIA on my computer, and I can’t find it anywhere, even with changing screen resolution.

resolution to this was posted in another thread, look for the thread titled: Geek Window Never Opens