Geek Window on OSX?

I can’t seem to get back to the Geek window on OSX that allows it to stay visible on screen, semi-transparent and also allow click-throughs. Being able to see my stats with that window open was literally the only reason I used Whatpulse. Is this functionality of the geek window gone now or am I just missing something huge?

Click menu icon → Toggle Geek Window.

Yeah, that’s not what I meant. The new Geek Window is different from the old one and has significantly fewer features on OSX. I explained above the features I was looking for that were removed. Those removed features essentially make the Geek Window worthless since it can’t sit on top of my windows and allow clicks to pass through.

It’s different, but still sits on top. By the ‘significant fewer features’ I guess you mean the missing total counts, as that would have simply made the window way to big for comfort.

It will be revised in the next version, where you will be able to select the metrics you want on it, but for now the current stats is it.