Fuzzy info box - likely background image to blame

The information box on my profile page looks fuzzy, with randomly drawn horizontal lines covering it.


[size=1]Please put that into your address bar, since I can’t post proper URLs to other sites. Incidentally, I also can’t post links to whatpulse.org/*, so it looks like the forum thinks that is a separate site too.[/size]

I’m using Firefox on Windows XP. It looks like the problem is with notice_body.gif.If you click on that link the image is screwed up. But if I save it to my disk and view it with some other software it is fine, so it is likely a Firefox problem. Nevertheless, since the image is simply a white box with a black border, it doesn’t seem especially necessary, since what the image does could be achieved with CSS.

Also, now that the nice and semantic, valid code has been introduced, it seems a shame that this information box uses tables for its layout and the deprecated [samp][/samp] tag!

Are you using any image extensions? The site was basically developed for FireFox, using, and I don’t see it. :\

No, none. It could be my machine, since I’ve seen this happen before in other sites, though only with PNG images, not GIF.

Still, it seems like an unnecessary image in any case. :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed this happening on several parts of the site, e.g.:


Again, it might just be my machine.

Hmmm… I tried to fix the link, but it wouldn’t go clickable. Ah well…

That is kinda funky… though I couldn’t even begin to guess what’s causing it - this is outside my area of knowledge.

Thanks anyway. :slight_smile: