Anyone care about football (Soccor)? And if so, even better; anyone happy that leeds have just been knocked out of the semi-finals against millwall and will playing yet again in leauge one! Oh happy days :slight_smile:

A dont follow the EPL much! Although we get more of your games on the telly up here than our own. Which is shite. They even show England games before the show Scotland games.

But that doesn’t matter as through necessity I can support whoevers playing England :wink:

You a leeds man or woman then?

lol No definatly not a Leeds fan :stuck_out_tongue: Support Leicester (just secured promotion to the champtionship (y) :p)

Only if i’m playing it myself, I love playing soccer, I wish I could have been on a team though!

Dose that Christiano deserve an £80million transfer fee. A don’t think so, that wee shites ego is already inflated to near bursting point. No need to encourage him any more. Can’t wait till his later years of drink and drugs when it will al go to shit, and the people that are too much will be gossiping about that giving me some peace for a change!

I’ve played for a few teams when I was a kid, not professional. First the school team then a few local teams. I might be a mad programmer now. But I can still fly side-ways and get down fast enough to catch a low fast ball if need be!

Completely agree, 80 million is just stupid; I fail to see how he manages to stand upright with a head as big as his; and now it’s gonna get bigger :frowning:

Aye if a had that money a would just retire and live off the interest! Anyway wonder how things are going to go now that Setanta has more or less dissolved, the EPL are sound but form the looks of it the SPL will be up shits creek!

Does Australian Rules Football count?