Dynamic Image not updating

My dynamic image hasn’t updated for 4 or 5 days now. Can that be fixed?

Link to your image please?



Looks to be updating fine? Last update was last night.

It did not update for a whole week. Til yesterday I still had rank 583 on it, tho I left that rank 6 days ago. I cleared browser cache, DNS cache etc.

The one in my sig is not loading either.

Your background image does not exist. Fix that, it’ll generate.

THIS happens to me in a row every few days. I did never change anything, suddenly the pic is gone - reupload. Just today - again, only that error note, pic gone, reupload, build and save again. So this is obviously not a user generated problem. The background images keep vanishing - I also do not see any other background images that should be there, it’s only X X X X X listed. And it happens by random again - without changing anything about my dynamic image.

If it happens constantly, could you not just use another service?

I rather think WP team should look the problem up since it’s happening to more than just one user.

It looks like some of the background images got caught up in the cleanup bot that cleans up old dynamic images. It should have left the background images alone.

I added a few extra safeguards so it won’t touch the background images.

Sounds good. Thanks for the lookup.

But what criteria makes a Dynamic Image “old”? I mean, mine was still in use and when it happened again now, the last creation of the image has just been like 10 days ago, so I don’t think that makes it old. So even if it grabs the BG images, the dynamic image has been pretty fresh itself ?!

Like I said, it cleans up old dynamic images and should not have cleaned up the background images.

The bot cleans dynamic images that have not been touched for 5 days. If they have not been touched for 5 days, it means the user has turned off the dynamic image on their profile.

means, as long as I have the img tag in use, it “gets touched”?

No, as long as you have it configured on the website. If you deconfigure it, it will stop updating and start ageing.