[DONE] Windows - Fix Scaling on High PPI screens

I’m attaching a screenshot of what the main windows looks like on my display. It is a 13.3" 3200x1800 resolution display in a Yoga 2 Pro ultrabook running Windows 8.1. Ultra high resolution displays like mine will probably become more common as time goes on. Let me know if you need any more information and I will be happy to help!

I have the same problem on my notebook, the screen is a 15.6" 3200x1800 and the interface is too tiny.

Same on Apples Retina :confused: (problem occurred on osx and windows)

Any news on this feature?

It’s on the to do list afaik.


Thanks! Hope that will be added soon!

Sorry for reupping this thread, but there are any news for hidpi support on windows 8.1?


Still not useable in High-RES. (And nope, I cant gift you a high res Monitor ^^ - but Looks you allready had one)

2.6.3 …
Scaling is fine on OS X, still nothing new on Windoofs.

Any plans for windows?

Any plans in fixing it? It really looks nasty :frowning:

In the version 2.7 they finally fix this! But for now is still in the beta stage.