Does anyone else find it hard to beleive...

That they’ve moved their mouse as much as they do? I mean, 41 miles? Wow :expressionless:

I don’t get the point :stuck_out_tongue:

But I guess I agree with you :slight_smile:

i move my mouse more than i move in a day :smiley:

PS i moved over 137 miles /grin

Pimorez 9,057,871 1,461,979 116.39

Isn’t it nice? :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t move that much but still more than I usually should do without WP :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh, I’m up to 184 miles - though I don’t use my mouse much, so I don’t expect that number to increase very much.

216 for me… and I barely use it…

Then again, it does have three screens to travel across. :stuck_out_tongue:


thats more than i move in a year

I wish I could say the same thing… although technically moving around from computer desk to bed doesn’t really count, does it? I moved my bed to my lounge so it’s within arms reach. -_-.

I didn’t count that becuase I can reach my keyboard and mouse from my bed.

Or I’ll just boot up the laptop that sits on my nightstand

I’m around 55 now.

What’s the highest one anyone has found?

This guy:

That’s amazing.

Yup. I think that even from the start, I couldn’t even pull off .25 keys per second. That profile… jeez.

800+ miles on a laptop.

Even with a mouse, CHEATER :slight_smile:

It’s possible, maybe. If you constantly move your mouse.

It sure is a lot of miles :-o

what I find even harder to believe is Sephiroth, who is 2nd on the User’s table with

171,408,920 keystrokes and 130,486,828 mouse-clicks but…


How the hell does someone click there mouse 130 million times and not rack up some movement???

And he’s not alone…look down the table and there are loads with keys and clicks in the millions without moving their mouse!

It is also possible to disable distance tracking. Doing so for me took care of a lot of lag issues in the earlier phases of beta testing, so it does make sense.

But he didn’t disabled it because he’s probably a cheater :wink:

I wasn’t commenting on the cheater bit yet - but just offering an explanation for why it might be legitimate. Maybe the odds of that are oh, 0.00001%, but it is still a possibility :stuck_out_tongue: