Do you lose keys from Pulsing every 1000?

If I am typing away on a big piece and I shoot over 1000, I know it takes a few seconds for the client to pulse. During this time on the older versions of WhatPulse, you’d lose a few keys each time you did this. The new version seems to be capable of collecting these keys whilst the pulse takes place, so that when you get the popup “pulse succeeded”, your number sits on about 20-30 keys, instead of back at 0.

Can I confirm that all the keys are successfully being tracked now? A few keys each pulse leads to a very large amount over a long period of time, so I just wanted to be sure.


PS - new client is really quite nice on the latest version and the crash issues seem to be fixed completely for me. nice to see a stable client at last!

You don’t lose stats during pulses anymore no. Can’t really remember exactly when, maybe even in the last 1.x, otherwise in 2.0, I switched to ‘remembering’ the stats that were being pulsed and subtracting those from the unpulsed stats (instead of resetting the unpulse stats). That way the autopulse figures always match and the stats counted during the (1 or 2 second) pulse are not lost.

Good to hear your experiences…luckily I’m getting a lot of that, from 2.3 and strengthening with 2.3.1.

Okay cool thanks. Sorry I missed that change. Just had it on 1 hour for ages or a bunch of keys.

This applies for clicks/download/upload/uptime as well. I have autopulse set to 1GB up/down, so I frequently have my network being maxed out, have a pulse take ages because of that, and by the time it goes through I’ve already got 150MB downloaded in what appears to be a few seconds.

That’s why I was talking stats and not keys. :wink: