Do you have a Logitech G-series keyboard?


I’m wondering how many of you guys have Logitech G-series (G15, G19) keyboards and on what OS you’re running…looking into an app for it, but need to know which OSes are interesting. :slight_smile:


G15, with Ubuntu 12.10/XFCE4 with the g15daemon running

Windows 7 Ultimate
Service Pack 1

Mouse: Logitech G9x
Keyboard: Logitech G15

I use a G-Series keyboard and mouse. It’s in my signature.

G19 and G13 here, using Windows 7 64-bits.

G15 - Windows 8 Pro (64-Bit)

I have a G15 and a G19, currently only the G19 attached, but the G15 near here, need a new G19 though, since it has a broken shift key. Using Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit at the moment.

G105 win 8 pro (64-bit)

G15 rev2
Windows 7 Professional 64bit