Didn't notice this section 3 days ago, so...

Hi, I’m FireOfExile! I have no idea what to type here, so here’s something that you all should have seen coming.

Obvious lolcats iz very obviouz

lol :o

Welcome to the forums, and to WhatPulse. Where do you get most of your keystrokes from?

I play multiplayer online games on my computer and using the movement keys or attack keys in some get me a lot of keystrokes. The WASD keys together get me more than half of my keystrokes :o

yes, master. lol indeed. for such is the way of a lolcat.

Ah yeh, I must admit I did rack up most of what I have from my gaming days, but now I run a website and write a lot of articles, plus I am starting a Masters next month, so I expect my keys to add up rather a lot. Will be interesting to compare. I miss the good old WASD bashing days, and the directional keys days before that!

Yeah, I’m personally more used to the arrow keys on my keyboard, but unfortunately my WhatPulse client won’t add up those keys. It’s not a big deal though, I do WASD whenever the game requires a mouse because it makes it much simpler for me to type if I’m not talking in a Skype call or busy with commands.

Always good to have a gaming keyboard that can pick up unlimited keypresses at the same time as well.

I’m using my laptop’s keyboard, lol. But I use a wireless mouse. The touchpad is a pain for me.