Diablo III + WhatPulse

WhatPulse makes the game unplayable (it freezes all the time). Same symptoms in Win7 & Win8 64bit.

D3 works fine for me on W7 64 with Whatpulse running

Are you using the latest client with networking statistics enabled?

I had no problems with the 1.x versions.

I’ve got no problems with Whatpulse and Diablo III running Win7 x64 and WP 2.0.2 and all stats enabled.

same here, everything works fine with D3

Hmmm ok thanks guys. Maybe it’s something else.

Hey fatsa, I’m also running Win7, 64-bit, and although I get tons of crashes and stats stop counting after pulsing, none of these problems have appeared to be related to Diablo III (nor are there any performance issues). Good luck finding out what it is, though.

It’s probably that write to disk/freeze WP bug that is causing my diablo to freeze every now and then. It’s extremely annoying (died a couple of times in ubers mp8 because of this) that I no longer run WP while playing.