Customise Network Traffic Types

As of version 2.7b2 (or 2.6.3-1316), you can customise the name of the Network Traffic Types which are displayed in the client. You can do this by creating a file called ‘network-ports-custom.csv’ (without quotes) inside your data directory.

This file is loaded after the default csv, overriding the default values that come preloaded with the client. A few reasons of why you would want to do this; you don’t agree with one of the port descriptions or you’re running a custom network service.

To do this, open up the client and browse to the Settings tab. On the General settings page, use the ‘Advanced’ button to ‘Open Data Directory’ - an explorer window will open to your data dir. In that directory create a new file called ‘network-ports-custom.csv’ and fill it with your customisations.

The best thing is to edit it with a text editor. Here’s an example of how it could look:

1234;TCP;My awesome service
1234;UDP;My awesome service in UDP
2345;UDP,TCP;Another awesome service

Only TCP and UDP are supported transport protocols and you can make a choice between specifying one or both and separating them by a comma.

After modifying the file ‘network-ports-custom.csv’ - to refresh the traffic types in the client: either restart the client or use ‘Update Network Port Description Database’ in the ‘Advanced’ button on the ‘Settings’ tab in the client.