CTRL+W Counting

It seems my WP Client is counting CTRL+W wrong. When using left CTRL+W it is correctly counted as two keystrokes, if I use right CTRL+W it is counted only as one keystroke. My keyboard has QWERTZ layout and my WP Client is set to QWERTY for lack of my layout.

WP Client 2.6.3 running as admin
Win 7 x64

Tested it on different PCs problem is the same, even with the new beta.

Both left ctrl-W and right ctrl-W are only counting as one keystroke here. Also using Win7 x64.

Other combinations with right CTRL-Key like CTRL+X, CTRL+C, CTRL+V, CTRL+T are correctly counted as two keystrokes.
Same in 2.6.3 and 2.7b3 under Win7 x64 and QWERTZ keyboardlayout.
Tested on 3 different machines.

What does ctrl+w actually do on your computer? (the action it performs)

CTRL+W doesn’t do anything different from any other computer for me. It closes tabs in browsers, closes windows in Explorer, and that’s about it I think. Only CTRL gets counted in CTRL+W.

I have the exact same issue with ALT+any keybind as well, but I feel like that’s a lost cause at this point. It’s been happening on every single computer I’ve used WhatPulse on, yet for some people it works fine? I’m not sure what I should do to fix it. It’s not related to any other program I’m running either, I’m sure of that.

EDIT: Just rebooted my PC in safe mode, turned Whatpulse on, and the issue persists for both CTRL+W and ALT+anything.

Just like Robby250 said it’s for closing tabs in any browser or explorer windows.

Still exists after I updated to 2.7.

The Windows-Key shows a similar behavior. Windows-Key+E for opening an explorer window or Windows-Key+D for showing the desktop is counted correct when using the left one. Combinations with right Windows-Key only counts as one keystroke.