Crashing After losing internet Connection

I may just re install WinPcap but I’d figure I would also post this. Every time I lose connection to Wireless (walking to another part of my building) or when I unplug my Ethernet cable to switch to WiFi, What Pulse crashed and has to be restart. From what I remember, WinPcap is not officially compatible with Windows 8 so I have a feeling it may not be What Pulse at all since it works perfectly besides that. Anyone else see these issues in reagards to losing a connection and What Pulse crashing?

Relevant Specs: Windows 8 x64, Intel Wireless 6235, Realtek Lan

Yep. Same here at home machine (W7 x64), no error, just close. (sometime)

And work machine XP x86 , there crash, if need, I post raport this machine error, when I go to my office.

This happens to me too. I am on a Mac running OS X 10.8.2 with the 2.0.0 client. This happened to me all throughout the beta as well.

I’m also having that issue also when I loss Internet Connection it Crashes…

Is there a way that it could automatically switch to offline mode once the internet connection is lost. So the program must continually be restarted after the lost of the internet.

This is fixed in 2.01, which will be released soon.

Awesom, thank you for the response!