Count stats when not logged in

It would be nice if WhatPulse counted stats even when you weren’t logged into it, and then when you logged in, it would pulse what had been missed (if over the threshold you chose for auto-pulsing).

Earlier today, I noticed whatpulse hadn’t been logged in for a while, but I hadn’t noticed due to keypresses and mouse clicks still causing a red blip to appear on the tray icon, so it looked like it was all as normal. However when i went to admire progress onto the next auto-pulse of 50K keys, to my horror I realised it wasn’t actually logged in, and upon logging in, all the stats were 0, so it hadn’t remembered anything from when it was logged out. (reason for it being logged out is unknown, i use facebook sign in)

So yeah, it would be nice if it still tracked when was logged out, and then added it to the next login. Would also be nice if the tray icon gave an indication as to wether it was logged in or not, perhaps instead of the normal red blip, change it to a red cross in the middle to signify not logged in?

This would mean that anyone using your computer etc could pulse/gather stats in your name. The idea of having accounts is so that you can have both individual computers within that account, and also different accounts for different users on a computer.

This may not apply to you personally, as you be the only person in your household using your computer, but in other households this would not be the case.

Also, WhatPulse would be unable to know which computer it was being attached to as these computers are defined in your own account, ie work pc, home pc etc.

I’ve tried the same twice where I did not realize I wasn’t logged in for 1-2 weeks.

Maybe whatpulse should give a message when you start the computer that says that no user is logged in or maybe a option to give a reminder every “x number” of hours that there are no user logged in.

Well, if its not theoretically possible to make it work counting stats when not logged in. You should make WhatPulse give off an indication that it isn’t logged in currently.

I think the best way of doing this would be one of the following
[]Instead of the red blip appearing on input on tray icon, change it to a centred red X
]Every X hours, have WhatPulse produce a tray message “WhatPulse is currently not logged in, stats are not being gathered!”

A different tray icon and no blips would be the best idea. Perhaps reduce the brightness and contrast to get a greyed-out version like this:

I completely agree with this. Sorry I didn’t make that clear in my first post. I was just sure of the stats not working whilst a user is not logged in but a notification of some kind is a great idea as it can happen sometimes if you are on a computer with multiple users. Otherwise I don’t see why you’d be logged out in the first place as you have to manually do it.


oh wow, that’d work perfect. I hope the dev reads this thread and makes serious considerations about using that! :cool:

I settled on this: - for 2.4.

This is a horrible idea. For those of us who share computers it would count EVERYBODY’s numbers and contaminate our stats. Just log in next time.