Constant 6 GB+ Ram Usage on MacOS

After starting around 100 MB, WhatPulse memory usage grows continuously and often reaches 6 GB+ of RAM on MacOS. This occurs when WhatPulse is only running in the background.

Version: 2.8.4 (same occurs in 2.9b1)
macOS Catalina 10.15.6

I just looked in my Macs activity window. For it uses only 60MB of RAM… strange

Interesting. RAM Usage starts around 100 MB on starting for me and continues climbing and it can reach 6GB+.

What version of WhatPulse/macOS are you using?

How long did your machine run until those numbers came up?
For me it happens over time, when the machine runs for days and has a lot of network traffic, it just builds up - like a memory leak… (linux) – I’ve written a script that kills and restarts the client because I don’t want it to destroy my SSD by swapping too much. Such an event occurs every few days (at least once a week) with me on a 24/7 machine.

Sometimes the client hangs entirely and then heavily builds up RAM usage, that is the case - but only sometimes - when I open up the laptop from sleep or when I do a docker-compose build.
I suspect (virtual) network interfaces appearing and disappearing too fast/frequent.

WhatPulse RAM usage increases by about 1 GB every two days. It definitely looks like a constant memory leak. I restart the client about once a week but the memory constantly builds up when running.

I do use a VPN at all times if that has any effect.

I came here to report the same thing—I now make sure to restart WP daily in order to keep it <1GB.

WP 2.8.3 / OSX 10.10.5 and, on a separate machine, WP 2.8.4 / OSX 10.15.6 .

(No VPN in my case)

I’ve employed the same solution - daily restarts of WhatPulse which resets the memory usage to a more reasonable ~ 100 MB. After restarting, the memory usage inevitably steadily increases.