Comment about the avatar above you

Actually, it’s a lamborghini, as seen here:

And you have the Firefox icon. That’s hawt.


Now you showed it I see it… the mirror :o

But mine isn’t just a regular Firefox logo.

lol firefox and internet explorer is bonding together as one giving the birth of the new “interfoxplorer fire edition beta” :stuck_out_tongue:

The truth of the matter is that most Firefox users picked that particular browser as a means of escaping Internet Explorer for a variety of reasons. No intelligent Firefox user will go for anything that even slightly blends with IE.

Nope, but the other way around is true. Check the things that are in IE7 and were in Firefox, and some in Opera/Netscape for a long time already :expressionless:

But look closer, the red panda is eating the IE logo :wink:


isn’t the name “Fire[SIZE=“7”]FOX[/SIZE]”?

Sure enough.

The Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens Latin: “fire-colored cat”) also known as the Lesser Panda, Wah, Bear Cat or Firefox,

waw… it;s a tough call! this animal is like the hybrid of all those mentioned above! waw very strange but definately unique as the developers mentioned! I thought it was a raccoon and fox mix!

didn’t know all these theories behind the firefox name! learned something new today.
Thanks goes to The_Zeroorez :smiley:

well you learn something every day!!

and enough of spamming

your avatar looks like a woman sitting by a mountain O.o boring :stuck_out_tongue:

I think is an stupid lion of the lion king.

haha. nice fat man. awesome avatar.


What’s your avatar from? It slightly reminds me of Bad News Bears, but I don’t think it’s that.

EDIT: Ooh, I missed a page again :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice car.

a little anime character holding a blue sword…or maybe its a lava lamp

It’s from Phantasy Star Online, and it’s a sword :wink:

is looking ready to stab someone!

Is looking ready to eat a blackbuck.

Mmm…this dinner tastes like shit.


no clue what car that is >.<

The way I see it, there are still nine planets :slight_smile:

This looks like some Maplestory guy.