Comment about the avatar above you

If you never noticed, wasted finally gave us the power to use avatars. Now, if you would please, comment about the avatar above you. Say it fucking sucks or
be nice and say it’s cool. Either way, we don’t care. We’re all taking constructive criticism…or you can just make a pimp/funny/etc version of their avatar instead of commenting.


Ooh, I like it! Although cars do tend to get overused abit… a certain unnamed individual ran around, bragging about his car. It kinda got annoying :roll:

But your avatar’s nice.

Ah, anime, always love it. It also goes well with your 7-11 posts.

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Its creative I guess…

Mine should look like this:

But it’s sized down for the avatar.


Also, resampling is your friend.

i dont like ur avatar Radar… :wink:
i cant set mi avatar T_T
lol i can :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate your avatar, its scary

And yours isn’t? :expressionless:

no, mine is pure brilliance, anyway, yours is good because it has a little man holding a little blue thing.

It’s a sword :razz:

that avatar looks more like a girl than a boy :stuck_out_tongue:

but i going to steal that sword ^^

If that’s a girl, she’s pretty flat-chested :roll:

Finally, you get your avatar back! :slight_smile:

she could be twelve you know!

you have no avatar faith

and i’m just going by what i learned about facese and body styles with animeish cartoons but i could always be wrong ^^

Yep, twelve is best!

well… were’s ur avatar?

ZOMG i see a famous person!!

is that simba the no-balls lion?

Yep. it is. your avatar looks really nub. kthx. ;]


Century0 has a car in his userIC, I bet it’s a Ferrari because of the sporty-look, together with the red body…