[CLOSED] Real portable with no USB and admin right

I found several topics on this but all of them recommend to get portable version to USB but I have no one. I tried to find it somewhere else and found real portable unpacked version on Sourceforge and could install it directly to SSD and it almost works. Almost because it counts clicks and keyboard but cannot pulse. It is very old (1.5) and have even suck options like distance of mouse run etc.:slight_smile: Oldschool:)
Is it available the same portable packed or zipped version but a little bit newer?
Please share the link if any?

Thank you,

Never the less, nostalgia:)


All you need to do is install the regular client once and turn on portable mode. It was never a separate client.


You can also run the client without administrator mode, but some programs won’t register (primary games) their input.

I have no USB, no administrative access and using only portable softwares(for instance skype, chrome, stata etc.) :slight_smile: regular client immediately ask administrator’s password. potable one (v1.5) is running well but it is not funny with no pulses and uptime statistics:)

You don’t have to have administrator access to install the client. There’s a setting inside the client which does the asking for administrator access, but that is disabled by default and if you have it enabled, you can simply disable that by disabling that setting.

Unfortunately no,
When I run exe file it say that publisher is unknown Run/Cancel, then opens window User Account Control with administrator password. Have no idea how to change the settings inside exe file:)