[CLOSED] Installing on ARM Based Linux

Hey. Is it possible to install WhatPulse on ARM based linux? Some applications work. I am experimenting with something cool.

No. As ARM based devices are usually not desktops, it’s not on the horizon.

Thats a shame. I managed to hack Linux onto my Chromebook and it works without any issues, but the WhatPulse version is x86 which does not run on an ARM processor without the use of an emulator. Because its Linux installed on a chromebook, its being bitchy about the installation of Wine, but if I can crack that I could install the Windows version of WhatPulse on top of Linux, and also run windows apps on a Chromebook. Sounds worth the hackathon time to be honest. So far I have been able to install Fedora, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu with Unity and XFCE.

Has the stance changed on this? Especially with the popularity of single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi and Pine64.

Kinda annoying that I can’t track bandwidth usage on 3 of my computers because they have ARM processors.