[CLOSED] how to: following another user? or not?

In the past i was able to start following users, i used that feat some times to check on users if they don’t cheat (because it’s the cheaters that seem to hide everything, not the regular user).

now it seems i can’t find the follow user option anymore… is it gone?
I’m asking cause i got my eyes pinpointed on a few users but cannot check their stats to see if anything weird is going on… (like having 50+ years of uptime so fast is just suspicious, but if he’s got like 20 pc’s running day and night (i’ve got 3 in my house that almost never shutdown) that got normal stats otherwise, then it could be legit and i wouldn’t complain)

I couldn’t find anything in the help system about following users, nor a newsupdate… plz help, you’ll also benefit if a cheater is taking ranks above you! (just got one taken down that was nr1 in almost every chart (uptime/keys/clicks/up-data) and would love it to see them all gone one day, but that’s utopia i guess ;))

Hi bogy,

You can do it on a much easier way now; just browse to the users profile and click the ‘Follow’ button on the top right of the profile. If it’s not there, it’s because the user has disabled the option for you to follow them.

Unfortunately, the ability to hide your statistics, computers, etc makes it too easy for the cheats. IMO, if you want to take part in WhatPulse then your stats should be transparent for all to see.


I don’t want people seeing what applications I use - why should people have to sacrifice their privacy in order to not be accused of cheating?

Perhaps I should have been clearer, hiding your applications doesn’t signify in any way that you’re cheating, its when people hide their computers and pulses that’s the problem.