[CLOSED] database reset?

after a power outage, and my computer restarting I got a notification about something to do with a database reset, thinking it was just a local thing I just clicked Yes and it reset all of my total amounts. I have no idea if this will fix itself but I would super not like to lose all of my stats.
is there any way to fix this?

the local stuff for the day is still there but all of the totals are gone
? ? https://i.gyazo.com/4ae1afd644c1a683c12c3826200c373b.png

Seems like your local stats have been wiped.
As you can see on your profile https://whatpulse.org/Yuiski this does not mean all your stats are gone.

I know that but I just like to open it every day or two and just look at what im at. is there any way i can sync the online stats back or whatever?
if I could that would be awesome


As far as I am aware, these kinds of stats such as device usage are kept locally. So by losing your local statistics and database, you may not be able to recover them.