[CLOSED] 2.7 Geek Window Closes after exiting full screen Media on twitch and youtube

I have the geek window open and I’m watching a youtube video and I can see the geek tab thingy, but then when I double click my youtube video to exit full screen the geek tab closes. How can I have the geek window open at all times no matter what I’m doing.


A double click on the Geek Window will close it and I can’t seem to reproduce your issue. Well, I can, but that involves the double click being on the Geek Window. :wink:

Are you sure you’re not clicking on the Geek Window itself, instead of the video?

Yes I’m sure it’s not on the geek window and it’s on the actual video it’s self, I have to exit the fullscreen video 2 or 3 times to replicate this.