Client not working in Windows 8.1

So I updated to Windows 8.1 (mistake) and I’ve been having two issues with it so far, one of which concerns Whatpulse. I don’t know if the client is running/counting my keystrokes, clicks, etc. but I’m not actually able to open the main Whatpulse window at all. Everything worked fine before Windows 8.1, and I doubt it’s a problem with Whatpulse so much as the OS, but any help would be appreciated.

I’m using a Sony Vaio ultrabook, the i5 processor version.

I had the same problem when I upgraded to 8.1, but I fixed it by right-clicking on the WhatPulse desktop/Start icon and selecting “Run as Administrator.”

I tried doing this but it has the same effect as trying to open it in the normal way. It closes the start menu as if it’s going to open the program, the little loading circle thing pops up next to the mouse pointer for a few seconds, and then it just disappears.

Task manager tells me it’s running (it’s listed under Background Processes) but I just can’t get the main window to pop up (and therefore don’t know whether it’s running properly or not or whether it’s counting keystrokes/clicks/download etc.)